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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How YIH Dropped 8lbs in 8 Days

A lot of people who know me also know that I struggle to keep my weight constant. I’m up, I’m down, I’m thin, I’m fat, I’m on paleo, I’m only eating pizza, I’m not drinking, I’m drinking….I’m normal.

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The one thing a lot of people WILL tell you about me is that I have some kind of secret to losing weight; I’ll come in on Monday looking like a blimped version of myself, and on Friday I’ll look like a supermodel.  Over the past year, I gained 20 lbs….and over 8 days, I lost 8 of them. How?

Pure Barre, Hot Yoga and the Tone It Up meal plan.

It’s also been over a week since my last workout, and I haven’t gained a pound back….even when I was travelling.

Tips To Losing Weight FAST:

1. Calculate your BMR: Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the number of calories your body were to burn if you laid in bed all day and did nothing.  So basically, the number of calories your body needs to run your bodily functions.  In order to maintain your weight, your calorie intake must equal this number.  In order to lose weight, you must be below this number so your body will burn fat for fuel. (Jillian Michaels taught me this)

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2. Follow Tone It Up: Karena and Katrina are normal girls.  Insanely GORGEOUS normal girls, but they are women after my own heart, they love to eat and they love to party.  I want to be them.

3. Buy the Tone It Up meal plan: It’s pricey at $150ish, but it’s at least 300 pages and gives you everything you need.  It also doesn’t make you feel like you’re anorexic, starving, eating cardboard, or only eating lettuce.  It’s real food: burgers, wraps, juices, smoothies, metabolism boosters, etc.  AND IT’S ALL EASY!

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4. Start taking Barre or Pilates: Can’t afford it? Blogilates videos are amazing and free.  Need a group setting? Google barre classes in your area. FlyBarre, Pure Barre, The Bar Method, or any pilates studio.  These workouts will change your body.

5. Drink water: Drink half your BODY WEIGHT in water. 150lbs= 75oz of water, not the 64 the government recommends for you.

6. Check every label for sugar: I’m super busy and love the semi-homemade take to cooking.  Homemade spaghetti sauce? WTF. I don’t have time for that.  But if you don’t check the label on that RAGU bottle you just bought to save you time, you also won’t realize you’re feeding yourself the same amount of sugar as a soda in your spaghetti sauce.  CHECK THE LABELS. SUGAR IS IN EVERYTHING, even your canned veggies.

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7. Wear a calorie counter for ONE DAY at work: If you work an office job like I do, you’ll be dumbfounded when you hear you only burn 300 calories during a 9 hour day. Yeah, that’s right, those are personal findings.  That means that 1,000 calorie burger you had at lunch means you need to run 6 miles post work to break even on calories. (who’s got time or energy for 6 miles after work??)

8. Count your calories for ONE WEEK: We are creatures of habit, and we eat the same things all the time, so you don’t need to constantly count.  Me? A lot of chicken sandwiches, soda, fries, queso, chips, quesadillas, and margaritas.  One week of insight into what calories you are actually taking in is astonishing.  What I thought was a 1500 calorie diet, was actually closer to 3000….woah.

9. Don’t multitask when you eat: I am the worst about this. I update the blog, check e-mails, tweet, facebook, text The Boy, and schedule appointments all while stuffing my face at lunch.  Next thing I know, I look up and have finished a giant burrito, chips, coke and a snickers bar and can barely move.  Fewer distractions let you realize when you’re feeling full.  No woman should eat an entire Moe’s burrito in one sitting…actually, no man should either.

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10. Make Healthy Happen: I stole that from my friend & local trainer, Cara Weaver.  Start making small, conscious choices: water over coke, fruit over fries, grilled chicken over burgers.  Little things like having water at lunch over a coke save you 150 calories with every reach into the work fridge.  A burger is 1000 calories, while a grilled chicken sandwich should top out at about 500. You saved 500 calories in ONE decision.

You don’t have to eat clean or skip carbs, you have to make choices.  Use your brain and drop the weight. There’s no secret, it’s that simple.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Healthy Eats at Tin Drum Asia Cafe

Last week, I attended a social media dinner at the Chastain Park Tin Drum Asia Cafe and met 3 other bloggers, Kitchen Man Can, Caroline in the City, and Kate Style Pretty.IMG_3925[1]

I’m no foodie, but I was very excited to try the menu. What I didn’t know about the food at Tin Drum? It’s all freshly made with fresh vegetables and organic meats. I’m a huge fan of finding fast casual dining with lots of healthy options, and when you’re craving Asian food, sometimes that’s hard to find.20130624-094208.jpg

My favorite dish was the Tin Drum Curry. SO GOOD and a majority of items on the menu can be made gluten-free by just asking! I love ordering gluten-free if I can; it cuts calories, carbs and is just healthier all around.  I also loved the addition of the fresh baby spinach leaves.  Not traditional, but added a healthy option to my curry.

Major props to Tin Drum Asia Cafe, they are doing a fantastic job of making fast casual Asian food healthy.

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