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Q&A: How Do I Preserve My Hair During My Workout?

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You seem to transition from workouts to nights out really well, but when I try to leave the gym and wear my hair down it looks terrible! I’ve lost all my volume during my workout and it’s sweaty and gross. I’ve even tried dry shampoo post-workout, but it isn’t working and makes my hair clump. Any tips?

This is a problem I struggled with for a long time, but I think I’ve found the answer! Problem #1: your dry shampoo post-workout routine isn’t adding back the volume that you lost, it’s soaking up the sweat and dragging your hair down.

Tip #1: Dry shampoo PRE-workout. Adding dry shampoo before putting your hair in a ponytail means you’re adding extra volume before you start to sweat. I use No Drought by Lush Cosmetics and it’s great. Actually, the best I’ve ever used. I spritz some on my part, my hairline, underneath and behind my ears (all the major sweat points) and then take my Tangle Teaser and really work it in. ┬áThis helps trap the sweat while you’re working out and will lock your volume in for your post-workout night out.

Tip #2: Wear Emi-Jay hairties. Emi-Jays are the only hairtie out there that won’t leave a crease. I prefer the glitter ones, not only because I love glitter, but they seem to hold up the best and are slip free.

Tip #3: Use a short bristled brush to revitalize your roots after your workout. I use a Tangle Teaser, a hand held brush that is a piece of magic. No more ripping your hair out because of knots from your sweaty gym sesh. Just take down your pony or bun run the tangle teaser through it and then take the tangle teaser, and literally, tease your roots. I usually turn my head over and make a scrubbing motion on all the places I put dry shampoo pre-workout.

Tip #4: Blast it with a hair dryer (if there’s one available). This isn’t necessary but I think it adds new life, and helps dry your sweaty spots. Just turn your head upside down and blowdry all around your head, including the roots by your neck.

PRO TIP: Put your dry shampoo in the night before. ┬áSleeping on the dry shampoo will cause it to naturally rub in, ensuring you don’t get any “white spots” where it hasn’t rubbed in, and will help keep your sweat to a minimum the next day. Added bonus: HUGE VOLUME!

All of this should take less than 5 minutes and will take you from hot mess to hot stuff. Trust me, I’ve been through my share of Bridget Jones moments.

Have a question on how to transition from gym to street? Email me!

xoxo Donna


  • Carrie

    I know you are trying to promote Emi-Jay hairties for your online outlet, but I think that is a bold statement saying that they are the only one out there that won’t leave a crease. There are MANY brands that have the no-crease elastic bands (i.e., Twist Bands, Lucky Girl Hair Ties, Goodie).

    While I didn’t care for your anti-Lululemon comments, I am starting to see that you are just trying to promote only brands from your store, website, shopstyle, or ambassador campaigns. That is not honest reviews and feedback. Why would I trust anything you say when you are trying to get a dollar?

    No longer a reader.

    • YogaInHeels

      Hi Carrie! Thanks for reading, I’m sorry you no longer want to keep up with the blog. I would like to say that although I do post links to my own site, I only blog about products I believe in which is why they are featured on my site. If I didn’t this blog would be a whole lot bigger! I actually only blog for companies that have the same ideologies and belief in quality and treating their customers right. While you think I am making money off this blog, I can assure you, I am not. I wholeheartedly believe in every brand I post about, I turn down about 95% of brands who contact me because I don’t believe their product is worth while. I also don’t get paid or sponsored for the majority of my posts, in reality, I think I might have made $200 off this blog in the 3 years it has been running. I write what I want and about what I want, and even give bad reviews for some products that I have blogged about. I actually gave a scathing review of emi-jays the first time I used them, but upon a second try took back my statements because I found another style of their product that worked better. I stand behind every single one of my comments, and can honestly say that I have never posted a lie or half-truth about any product on this blog. You’ll also see if you keep reading, that tomorrow I will have a blog that features Athleta, Flywheel, and many other brands. These are brands that I have no affiliation with, but believe they are doing great things in the industry. I’d love for you to continue reading, but if my opinions are not the same as yours, then I understand. I do want to let you know that everything I post on here is 100% my opinion, and there are some brands people write about that I do go out and purchase and review on my own. I’ll have to give Lucky girl hair ties a try, but Goodie and Twist bands haven’t worked for me in the past. Have a great week!

      • Carrie

        It’s not just brands from your store…it’s also the use of affiliate links.

        I’m all for finding and promoting great brands, but when all of your links come from your own store, outlet website, or affiliates….the integrity is lost.

        You said, “tomorrow I will have a blog that features Athleta, Flywheel, and many other brands. These are brands that I have no affiliation with, but believe they are doing great things in the industry.” With the exception of Flywheel, those items were posted with rewardStyle links….an affiliate marketing company. You get a commission up to 8-9% if a reader clicks on a link and makes a purchase.

        While you claim you don’t make money with your blog, why always have affiliate links then? I’m not saying Affiliate links like (RStyle.me) are bad, but you can tell which blogs are out to make money pretty easily….those are the bloggers who NEVER post reviews or style selections with original, non-affiliated links.

      • YogaInHeels

        I do believe in being compensated for the time I take to write my blog. Affiliate links are there so I can possibly make some money and make a living. Like I said, I write about the things I believe in, and if there’s an affiliate link that I can make $1 or $2 from, that’s great. I don’t post regularly enough on my blog for this to even be an issue, because if I was posting advertisements and/or regular sponsored posts with affiliate links, then maybe I’d agree with you, but I post once or twice a month about things that I’ve tried and have worked for me or were a MAJOR fail and want to warn people about. Compensation for a service or article isn’t unheard of, and the magazines on the newstands aren’t doing product features for free. To have a product featured on Refinery29, Lauren Conrad.com or Well & Good NYC costs $10K or more. The blogs using affiliate links are actually better to get actual feedback from because that means they aren’t working directly with the companies and are posting links to items they wore and liked, because they feel they should be paid for their thoughts. Might want to keep that in mind…

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  • Style Athletics

    Thanks for the great tips! As a naturally curly haired girl I’m usually pretty screwed once I leave my CrossFit workouts! It is a rare occasion I can get it to ‘come back to life’ but I will definitely try the dry shampoo tip. And I really should invest in better elastics. Thanks again! Cute site :)

  • Bre & Ree @ bumpandrunchat.com

    These are great tips! I almost always have to use a hair dryer following a workout to remove the sweat, because my hair is naturally curly. For me, if left wet it just ends up curling more (which most post workout days I don’t want). And I’ve also found using the dry shampoo the night before incredibly helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jane

    I found this incredibly helpful. I know I never have time to take a shower post-workout on my busy days and now maybe I’ll be able to get away with it and look presentable! I’m already a huge fan of the Tangle Teaser product, I’ve been using it for years. I’m so glad to have stumbled across this blog and can’t wait to read many more posts.

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