Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An IV To Energy: Hydro-Clinic Atlanta

The past few weeks of my life have been nothing short of, well, hectic and stressful.  After running 19.3 miles in one weekend at the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge & Princess Half Marathon weekend then flying back to Atlanta, heading straight to work, and then to teach barre class, I needed a pick me up…big time. (I totally understand why celebs go to the hospital for exhaustion now..)

I got an e-mail from a friend asking me to try the latest recovery and hydration trend in Atlanta, Hydro-Clinic, and while I was pre-med in college and these things don’t make me squeamish, they always make me a little nervous. I needed something drastic because I was falling asleep everywhere (yes, everywhere).  I scheduled my hydration appointment for 4:30pm, giving me plenty of time to make it to SVELTE to teach my new 6:45pm class.  We’ve all watched the Grey’s Anatomy where Meredith gets drunk and when the emergency happens and she’s called back to the hospital, Dr. Bailey puts her on an IV and tells her to stay put until it’s done, and now I’ve kind of lived that in real life, except I wasn’t drunk, I swear.

photo 2

This is what an exhausted YIH looks like. I had my MPG sweatshirt on, so I wasn’t this bad of a hot mess all day. #justsayin

I walked into an extremely clean and well-kept office, lined with rooms and cubicles with leather recliners, flat screen TVs with thousands of channels, and really nice staff. They walked me back to a room with two chairs, I assume there are two chairs so you and a friend can go and chat about your drunken escapades what happened the night before and find an explanation for why you need an IV of fluids to survive the day.

The man who would be inserting my IV of energy sat me down and asked me if I had any allergies, etc. and when he read I have a heart murmur (nothing serious) he decided to check just to make sure everything would be okay. I really appreciated his thoroughness, and found out he was a paramedic full-time. I’ve never had an IV before for anything, but I have had my blood drawn and know how terrible some medical professionals are at finding veins, it’s always the part I hate, but he immediately found a vein and I had no idea he had even stuck me!

photo 1 (1)

My new paramedic/energy giving friend and I had chatted about my weekend and what I needed and as I yawned between every sentence he suggested the Kauffman Cocktail, a mixture of vitamins (magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins and vitamin C) in the Hydro-Life fluid that would go directly into my bloodstream and pep me up.  I was skeptical to say the least, but he hooked up my bag and warned me that I would probably get cold, so he could bring me a blanket when I needed one. 5 minutes later…I needed that blanket and I was chatting up a storm.

30 minutes later, my fluids were fully drained and coursing through my veins. I felt great! I could taste some of the vitamins (probably the Potassium) that had been sent through the IV, but that’s completely normal, so they passed me a mint.  Ask anyone in the office, it took me 20 minutes to leave because I was so chatty.  I think it worked and I even felt great the next day.

Post intense workout, post flight, post night of bad decisions; Hydro-Clinic is where it’s at.  And if it truly does cure a hangover, I’m just having UBER drop me off at the end of the night so they can drag me in and hook me up.  Don’t worry, you can even hit them up the next time you’re in Vegas.

Don’t believe me? The next time you have a headache go to their clinic and ask them to cure it.  Hungover? Try it. Exhausted? It works.  Just want to see what it is? Go for it, no harm in extra hydration.

Disclaimer: Hydro-Clinic comp-ed my treatment for this blog post, but as always, this is 100% the truth and my opinions of my experience.


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  • Bre & Ree @

    It sounds amazing and I bet your skin was gorgeous the next day! I find it hard to get enough water and I definitely don’t drink enough based on my activity level. It’s remarkable how much our bodies change and how different our energy levels can be when we are dehydrated and super busy. Thanks for sharing, it sounds like a great treatment!

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