Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Workouts: Disney Princess Half with C9 at Target

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9 all opinions are my own.

A new year and a new installment with Target® C9, and for all you workout newbies out there, you’re going to need new gear to survive winter workouts and stay motivated! Working out in the cold is a lot harder than working out at any other time, so those New Year’s resolutions are harder to keep. I run the Disney Princess Half Marathon every February with my mom, my bestie (@PopFitLife) and her mom. It’s one of the most fun fitness related events of the year, but training through the winter is tough.

db running target

(Headed out for a run with Becks in long patterned leggings, the BIGGEST trend right now!)

To get through winter running, you’ll need a few of my favorite items and of course you can find them at Target® C9’s section in your local store. My go to pieces? Long leggings, a fitted tank for base warmth, a longsleeve top, fleece jacket, ear warmer (I choose not to wear a hat because I need some heat to escape), sunglasses to shield the wind and smart gloves so I can use my phone when I need to. I ALWAYS bring Beckham when I run because he is great at setting a good 9 minute pace, which is super fast for me.

But here are my top tips for running in the cold and staying motivated with those New Year’s fitness plans:

  1. Set Small Goals: Your big goal may be to lose 20lbs this year, but set small ones along the way and reward yourself. Run all your training runs the first week? That new scarf you wanted is yours! Lose 2 lbs in 2 weeks? New pair of shoes! I reward myself with fashion because food will derail your plans, so choose what you love, be it fashion, travel or a night out with friends.
  2. Dress The Part: Science has shown that if you dress for your fitness goals and feel good about yourself, you’re more apt to stick with it. So grab some fun clothes from Target® and get excited about wearing them. If you aren’t warm enough on your run, it’s going to be miserable, so be sure you’re wearing layers so you can take them off along the way.
  3. Mix It Up: You may think you love running now, but cross training is going to keep you interested in fitness for longer. Grab some weights from Target® while you’re there, along with one of their workout DVDs. Yoga, Pilates, even Chair Fitness by Carmen Electra. Mix it up and keep it different, it will also help you get to your goals faster.

What’s your resolution this year? Have any goals? Comment below and I’ll give you tips on what to wear, how to stay motivated and things you need to know!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cropped Leggings to Full Length Leggings In A Flash!

The fitness fashion question of the decade, how can we make our workout leggings even MORE functional than try already are? In the summer, we don’t really care, it’s hot and we want to wear as little as possible, but in the winter? Give me layers upon layers upon layers, I can’t handle the cold.

Enter socks. Lots and lots of socks. Over the knee socks, knee socks, thigh high socks, ankle socks, tube socks, and any other length of sock you can think of. I need insulation inside my boots, but depending on the length of my leggings, I need different types of socks.

Knee tights? Over the knee socks to ruche just above the top of the boot and cover above the crop.


3/4 Tights? Knee socks to cover the open part of my leg but make my leggings look like fashion leggings.


Skegging? Thigh high socks add a cute layer of dimension to the look and because your thigh is covered with legging, it makes it wearable.


Full length leggings? Full socks may suffocate you, which brings me to my latest obsession: boot cuffs. A 6″ “leg warmer” that adds a little something to your look without bulk.


Pro Tip? Make sure the sock comes above the top of your boot! Add dimension to your look without awkward proportions.

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